Duke Peterson
To Enable Memory For Strong Vision

To enable memory for strong vision you must try to imagine a beautiful flower. That is, before you should be only one object, but then try to substantially extend its vision of the subject, "consider" its smallest details, such as petals, stems, and so on, until the ants benefit by stems.

Duration of this exercise is not limited, as it does not cause stress. Flower you submit must be placed on probation so that other details submitted by you, were easily visible. This method is most effective when combined with palming. This method, which has developed Duke Peterson program, will require the use table, that is, in which the eye tests in the office of an ophthalmologist. Table should be well lit and located at a distance of three to six meters.

First you need to try to read any lines. Then concentrate on the little pictures that you could consider. Follow the way of palming, while remembering this image. Remember that it should represent as dark as possible. If you did everything correctly, then after open your eyes, the image represented on the table will be seen more clearly. The method should be repeated, but each time trying to see more small images. With its implementation should focus on correct execution of palming, which ensures better and faster improvement in eye health.

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